Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Busy week and we're off to the Races!

A Catering Gig tomorrow and 2 more over the weekend! HEre is to CAtering picking up and keeping us busy!

In fact, store sales are still great!

Looking forward to an interior shots shoot with Kelly on the 1st as well! (www.kellymossphotography.com)

Slowly going to be adding to the website through it!

In fact, here is a picture that Kelly took a few weeks ago. We're using it in a Homes Tour for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

You'll notice that the second photo includes our Favourite beer ! ! (www.beaus.ca)

I'm working on September Menus as we speak.... its coming... slowly... AND also working on our first Classes.

Keep those eyes peeled (or sign up for our Newsletter info@cibouletteetcie.ca) and be the first to hear about classes, evening private dinners... For those of you who know my Buddy Bruce who is now on the West Coast... HE's coming to visit in September which means we'll be selling a few seats........

Other then that, nothing much is new on the home front so I'll leave it at that!!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


so today was a good day, got lots done, Jen and I (mostly Jen Actually) pickled some beautiful Onions and Beans(SPICY) from the Village Garden, all Organic, in Lafontaine! I will get some pics tomorrow I hope!

Just wanted to share avec mes amis Francophone!

J'ai oublié de mentionner que nous avons eu de la visite chez Ciboulette la semaine dernière!

Radio Radio! ya ya ya! Y sont venus souper, goodtimes! Puis la apres on est allé voir le show! C'est hot! Voici une photo!

Goodtimes de hanger avec des Stars! C'est certain!

Aussi je voulais mentionner des nouvelles pieces d'art dans la boutique!
àMon frère, Francois, nous avait fait des ptites toiles pour les rénos, puis jai finalement eu la chance de les avoirs monter! check!

Pas pire! Pas pire! Comme celle-la, un gros coq, pui sune fourche! Faudrais rentrer pour voir le restant!

Et finalement, I'm looking for a Baker! Yes folks, we're slowly growing and now are looking to add a few items to the menu such as nice rustic loaves and a few complimentary treats! If you know anyone, who has style in their baking, a little artisanal flair, send them my way!


Ok! Now I've got to run!

Take care!!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Been a looong Summer..

Definitely NOT the right words to the song... BUT, I did go and see them last month at Rama, my one night of repose :)

ok so yes, I know, it's been a very long while! My friend, Marysol (sheeatsbears.blogspot.com) reminded me that I do still have people who follow us on the blog... that being said, I'm sorry for neglecting you all. In fact, once I'm done this I have a Newsletter to write for August, yikes!

I will keep this one short and sweet however and let you all read the newsletter.

Things have been Busy with a Capital B :)

We had a Great June and a Great July... as far as I can tell, August is off to a swimming start!

Since we last spoke, we have introduced a daily line of Scones and Coffee! Las Chicas Del Cafe (www.laschicasdelcafe.com) Coffee is Wonderful! Roasted Fresh, by two sisters in London Ontario, we order it, it's roasted that very afternoon and receive by noon the following day!

And What a perfect match to our Blueberry ( LOCAL) and Lemon scones... selling like hot cakes! As I speak (type) Janice has since sold 8 scones in the last 8 minutes... not bad... We are making them daily but they go fast, so get in your orders or be early! :)

Other then that we have been working with Denise and her team at the Village Garden in Lafontaine! A beautiful 2 acre (almost-organic) community Garden!

We are getting all our greens, beans, peas, onion, cukes, tomatoes, etc from them. They are beautiful and fresh! Couldn't ask for more!

Ok I'll leave it at that, have that Newsletter to write!

À bientôt!