Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bonjour? Allo? anyone home?

Yup! I'm still here, in fact, we're ALL still here!

busy.... been very very busy...

Again, don't even know where to start, but figured on the 3 month anniversary of no days off, was a good way to start. Wow that sentence was upside-down... anyways....

We've been busy! 7 days a week, busy! Jen has been working her touche off, I've been working every day, chatting up clients, touching base with Farmers through Karma Marketplace, trying to invent and reinvent menu items... it's been bonkers!

Ok! so we now have a freezer case, and its FULL! Need to make more shortrib bourguignon tomorrow actually :) we have a cheese case, and it's FULL! In fact, I have HAD to make large cheese orders, every week now, for the last 3 weeks! yay! I LOVE that this stuff is selling and that people are so excited about it! In fact, tonight, and last night, I had a dinner of dips, cheeses, breads and salad.... all about taking advantage of what is on hand :) We have duck prosciutto hanging, pancetta is done, duck rillette is finished and SELLING!!! Need to find room to put all these lovely charcuteries too!!!

The space is slowly coming together. Janice and I were chatting and we've come up with a few more ideas for the space like blackboards and more blackboards! Mini and Small and Large!!! One over the freezer, one over the cheese case, one with the french culinary word of the day, one for our Pork feature of the moment! going to be beautiful!!!

OH yes! Of course! We had our very first class for 8 ladies last wednesday!!!! How could I forget!!??
Now it was somewhat of a dry run, no wine, not all the tools and just figuring out the layout and template of the class.. bUT, it was GREAT! They all had a blast! and not 10 minutes into us being open the following morning, I had 3 requests for classes! :) I wasn't going to take anything more til the fall, but really, it went so well, and as long as people are willing to put up with a lack of tools, SURE!!! In fact, I'm so ready to move ahead, going to finish my application for a liquor license this coming week! :) yay! 10-14 weeks! unbelievable, but need to start now if I want to do some in the fall!

The class went so well, and that, all due to the great staff that I have ! Janice and Jen were wonderful! If anyone knows my Friend Bruce and how well we worked together when teaching, you will understand that I felt extremely well supported, never had to ask for anything or move anything, I had Jen or Janice behind me at all times! If our first can be this way, Watch Out Midland!

Ok, have to go, but I'll leave you with some pics of the space!

Oops! Open House Night June 26th, 5-7pm. Come on out and see what we have to offer! Looking forward to it!!!!

In case you haven't noticed, I said a whole lot, but nothing really in this post! Haha! that's what fatigue will do to you!

On that note, looking for a full time cook for summer, possibly to carry on throughout the year.. Need passion and love for food. No cranks need apply :)


  1. andre,
    The place looks fabulous! I am so impressed!
    I only wish i could come and have some of that amazing looking bread!

  2. André, j'en ai les larmes aux yeux. C'est trop beau. Tu dois être tellement heureux...

  3. haha Merci Msol! Ca avance! Mais, y'a d'autres choses à venir!

    Thanks Terr!

    Merci Ashley! Hope you're doing well! LOVE the baking photos on Facebook! (if this is you...) you NEED to come spend some time with me... show me the ropes... hmmm need a job??

  4. C'est super beau André!! Félicitation! J'ai lu l'article que Val à mis sur FB (simcoe); incroyable! On est très content pour toi; tu mérites tout ce qui a de mieux! Une question: pourquoi tu n'as pas voulu ouvrir ta shop à Aylmer au lieu? :) I swear, on aurait été un de tes "regulars"! Félicitation encore une fois,
    Sylvie C.

  5. Merci Sylvie!Les choses avances bien! JE ne sais pas si je peux faire des promesses mais peut être une franchise à Aylmer eventuellement? haha jk

    À bientot!

  6. Hey André!
    Congrats on your success so far! Sounds like you're busy as hell, but I'm sure you're having a blast! Place looks awesome!!

    Anyways, tu me laissera savoir quand tu ouvrira ta shoppe à Aylmer. You'll have another regular with us, haha.

    Maybe I'll start a petition :p

  7. Look out food network, they have their next host, chef, food stylist on their hands! love to be able to keep up with you on this blog.
    See you in September