Sunday, April 25, 2010

my wifes, cousins, cousins, cousin

haha just had to share!

Just got a lovely order (our first official pre-order) and when he came in he told me that his cousin *name omitted had recommended us... and I said.. oh you mean, my cousin. my wifes cousin. our cousin. :)

Here is Southern Georgian bay, there isn't even 6 degrees of separation to everyone! :)


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

How do you do Folks!?

Les choses sont bien allé pour notre deuxième journée! Sauf que le POS a fait défaut (POS crashed) vers 5h00.... MAIS, j'ai dit, parfait, lock up the doors, we're going home I need some sleep! :)

An excellent day, got tons done, jen, of course was fantastic, and Janice and Sue were great and productive!!

Now I'm in here, doing paper work, taking orders over the phone, greeting the odd client, super slow, but that's alright, I need some time to catch up on the 'managing' work :)

Je vais essayer d'y poster des photos cette semaine. JE vous le promets!
Going to try to post some pictures of the 'semi-finished' space this week.

We've been explaining to people about the concept of an organic space and how it will grow with time... the addition of a freezer section, another cold case JUST for cheese and Charcuteries, the 13 foot counter at the back with a recessed section that is Jennifers very-own bread making station :) and of course the islands dotting the studio for classes etc... VERY exciting it sounds like! Everyone has a keen interest! yay!

ok, I need to get back to work, but first....

j'voulais juste dire bonjour au deux jeune filles qui sont venu avec leurs papa vendredi! Elles étaient super excitées d'y être, et moi je l'étais de les voir! Continuez à suivre le blog attentivement! J'ai de vous revoir, on pourras se présenter officiellement! J'espere que vos souper étaient bon???

À la prochaine!!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Opening Day!

Yes, the title is almost the same as before... BUT now we ARE OPEN! WHAT A GangBUSTERS DAY IT WAS!!!! From 10am on it never stopped! wow! I AM Thrilled!!! In fact, at 6 o'clock, when our last rush showed, we were running out of food! Which on a regular day isn't a good thing, but considering that I thought we had over-prepared, I can't complain! :) of course, my apologies to people who didn't necessarily get what they were hoping for, but everyone was very accomodating.

We saw Lots of people we knew, but also a lot of new faces we now know :) and the support.. wow... We received 9 plants-flowers-pots and a bookshelf!!! from Friends, family and local businesses. Thanks muchly to everyone, we really appreciate the gestures. It's nice to know that everyone around is rooting for you

I have to say that I am very impressed with our Team! yay! Everyone was on the ball, moving and smoozing, talking to people as they came in, getting to what everyone needed as soon as possible. I couldn't have asked for better! 82 actual transactions and everything balanced at the end, to the penny! Yay Janice!

But André, you ask, how will you feed the hungry masses today??? No worries everyone, feel free to drop in anytime, I was in the kitchen, singing some James Taylor and cooking up a storm! We have everything in stock again! Just matter packaging a few items this am :)

Big sellers?

- Roasted Sweet Potato and Cilantro Spread (#1 seller by far!!!)
- Sandwiches we're out of the park! Roasted Vegetables, pulled pork, lemon paprika chicken, all on house Foccacia and Chive Buns. Oh and a last minute pick, Spanakopeta! Nice and large, filling and healthy, Jen made roughly 20, and NONE were left by 3pm :)

Other then that, mains flew out the door, dips, drinks and we FINALLY received some cheeses, sold a few David Woods Salt Spring Island Goat Cheese Rounds :) YUMMY!!!

Ok, I can't babble any longer, I need to finish some paper work and get out there with the team!!

Check out the website folks, it went live yesterday and is Magnificient!!!!! HUGE thanks to our Graphic Designer and Web man, Sylvain at Salamedia Design. - He's been so busy with our site, graphics, stickers, etc, that his is still being revamped :)

O kI'm off!! Hope to see you all today sometime! If you read the blog and come, please let me know! I need to know that other people other then family and friends are enjoying this :)

Bon Appetit !


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Over Abundance of New Work Surfaces

hi hi hi hon hon hon!

Yup! Half Berkshire Pig has been ordered! We received a load of sundries and a few starter goods from GFS yesterday. We are almost ready to start testing! In fact, Jen, our lovely new kitchen staffer, will be testing a couple of breads this AM :) But, not until I make a rapid run out to BArrie (45min) and back with a sheet pan..... in fact, quite a few sheet pans, as well as all of our other smallwares, robocoupe, spoons, knives, yazamm! :)

Another DElightful bit of news, we have gas, desks!, counter tops, bakers table and our baking station is on its way! :)

Our good friend JLG has been here for a few days working out of the Midland office of his workplace, and moonlighting as a carpenter with yours truly. We have been hard at work glueing table top, ripping boards and planing legs for new shelves in the store... everything of course, from reclaimed barn wood and joists! :)

He took it upon himself, and his unsuspecting brother, to build the base for our Harvest table from barnwood just East of Ottawa... it arrived sunday night, and is amazing... :)

Alright, off to Barrie!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day!?

Hello et Bonjour!

C'est Officiel! Notre date d'ouverture est le 23 avril 2010, à 9h00! Soyez-y et soyez-y en grand nombre!

It's official! Our Opening day is April 23rd, 2010 at 9am! Be there or be square!

Not much to say for this entry, just that things are humming along... in fact, Jennifer (Our new kitchen assist) and I, are headed to the GTA tomorrow for a quick food show, stop at MacEwan foods for inspiration and a few others suggested to Annique and I during a WONDERFUL dinner the other night!!!

It was ever so scrumptious!

We were invited to come for dinner and wine and were in for quite the treat! Sitting down to 6 beautiful canadian cheeses, croustades, dried fruit, my favourite way to start-end-continue a meal!:)

Then on to a beautiful butternut squash soup with a touch of coconut and a hint of saffron. I may just have to use that SD! Main course you say... well... after a beautiful Rioja, choosen just for me and my ancestors (Spain) we were treated to a glass of Conundrum (fantastic flavour, a touch sweet but beautiful with our main) and the PERFECTLY cooked Lobster Risotto with Asparagus (still crisp!) and cremini... was devine!!!

and dessert you may all ask.... well.. at this point, we were all very full, but HAD to have SD's world famous, Maple Mousse made with local Maple Syrup and a perfect maple short bread cookie :)

SD outdid herself! Note: I am not a dessert person... i loved it!

We left with a full stomach, head full of ideas and the brain bursting with shops to visit!

Oh! and a lovely surprise!!!!! We now are the proud owners of a Hobart Mixer! Yes folks! the team is almost complete! :)

I'm still looking for staffing in the store though! Send in those resumes!

Ok I'm cutting it short, need my rest and have to make sure the dishwasher is working properly before I go home.

Have a great week folks!