Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wowzers Batman!

Bonjour les ami(e)s!

Well I haven't written in a while, but it's not because I haven't been busy! holy wowzers!

Let's make a list, as I have been making quite a few of those lately!

- Floors
- Lighting
- Equipment
- bathrooms
- Studio Layout (yes, I've figured out how we're going to make this work!)
- Kitchen Floors
- Plumbing
- Electrical
- Gas line! (almost.... there was an oops there let me tell you, but no worries, it's been fixed.. )
- T-shirts
- Paint
- Some Art
- Wall Tiles
- Walk-ins

All those items are DONE! yes M. et Mme, fini! I am just waiting on out 8 foot bakers table and a few stainless tables and we're good to go! Well.. almost.

We're getting closer to a firm opening date, I hope you're all excited! Won't be long now and we're going to purchase our first whole pig, duck breasts, cheeses, veggies and go to town! I'm so excited to put out our first pancetta or duck prosciutto.. or maybe a Caper and Green tomato relish! What about a house italian mustard fruit to serve with a DELICIOUS CHEESE!!!


Deli cases have come in and they are perfect! Now if only I could get my cupboards and such...

ok, the purpose of this post was to make a few mentions... Along the way we have been coaxed along by quite a few locals as we try to spread our funds through the community during this building overhaul and business startup. Everyone we have had the chance of working with has been fantastic! Most have been more then willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible. Ok, now, as I make this list, I am bound to forget SOMEONE... please don't be insulted, and as some of you get to know me better, you will understand why I like when Annique is around... she reminds me of stuff..

Louis Maheu (www.lm-construction.com) Our go to guy, my FIL (Father in Law). He has been more then willing to help in anyway giving all his time. Merci!

Tripp's Paint and Decorating Shoppe- Wow... that is all I have to say. Jaime and his team have been going out of there way from day 1 to help. The amount of times they have carted over cans of paint for me, lighting, spray painted stems that are on back order to get them the right colour, offering up help, and promising to come for lunch. I have to say, I think they will be a hungry bunch! If you are in Midland and you need any lighting or paint solutions, visit Tripp's.

Karma Marketplace - Erin and Marc are great! This is a little shop in Penetanguishene where they carry nothing but locally sourced fooods!! It's amazing! They are also looking to setup a delivery and pickup service for different farms and chefs in the area! I have to say that they are both really go getters and are willign to do anything to make things work! Oh, penetang farmers market and community garden are also their doing!

Homecoming (www.homecomingstores.com) Trevor and Barb are wonderful! Trevor has been ever so happy to see me come into the community and has gone ahead and ordered me ceramic dishes, AND resealable glass dishes to sell multiple orders in! this way, less waste!!!! Yay!

Serendipitea - What to say about Dawn! She makes WONderful Scones and of course, the best buttertarts! She has been there to feed us coffee every day, what more could you ask for!?

Ok that's all I can spit out for now.... and no, no photos this time around... sorry folks! Want to keep some of it a secret, but also, we forgot the card for our camera in Ottawa....

HAve a Hoppy Easter All! enjoy that HAm! and hope that I don't catch that bunny, cause we'll be having him for dinner next week!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hoodvents and fridges and Tiles, Oh My!

Bonjour les amis!

Well after a long hiatus from logging in the new and the old on blogspot, I have returned with much news, and many secrets....

Well the project is coming along fine, as you may have all guessed.

Le moins souvent que j'écris, le plus de travail que je fais à la longue... Je me trouve ici, tard un soir, apres avoir fini 150 pieds de tuiles... yup! bien, FIL les a monter sur le mur, moi j'ai eu la bonne jobe de grout....coute laisse moi te dire qu'il y en a de la tuile icitte.. en effet....150x3x6 plus ou moins, 2700 tuiles.... Wowzers!

The Walk-ins were delivered and installed this week, the hoodvent is actually in its place and is only missing duct work outside, half walls above walk-ins are almost done, tile is done, FIL had two old, but beautiful sinks in his shop, which will serve marvelously in ouir restrooms!

We also found some hardware for the office doors, amazing!

umm.. what else...

andré, you ask, what do you mean secrets? Well the hard part about today's entry is that I have a few pics, but very little... seeing as we are getting closer to opening and things are actually coming together, it would ruin the surprise if I were to show you all the space ahead of time... so I have decided that as of Monday, no more walk0in visits and no more pics of the space... I know... it'S going to be tough... :)

in other news, kitchen floors are being put in this week by my wifes cousin Alain! yay!

Oh and how could I forget! I have gone ahead and offered a position to someone to assist me in the kitchen! I'm pretty excited about getting her started and sharing in the creation of all of our foodstuffs. :) Should be good!

La il me faut une autre personne a temps plein pour travailler le magasin, mais il ou elle doivent être bilingue.. s'cuse!

Oh more sharing: I met with Erin Chapelle from Karma Marketplace in Penetanguishene! Her and her partner Marc have opened a shop where they sell nothing but local foodstuffs! isn'T that GREAT! She is also hoping to start a delivery system of these types of foods for local restaurants! guess who's the guinea pig!? :) Gladly! They have also started the market in Penetang, a community garden, etc etc... what busy bodies! I can't wait to meet Marc as Erin was fantastic.

On that note, I am meeting with Peter Belanger of Bélanger Organic Farms (http://belangerorganicfarms.net/) this coming Tuesday! I'm very excited about this as he is our first real contact with a farmer in the area. Check out the website as they have a full line of foods.

Reminds me a lot of Stuart (www.brysonfarms.com), a good friend of mine and farming mentor when we had our Epicuria Garden last 2 years.

Ok, this is has been all over the board and haven't really said much. Here are a few pics!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Living in Excess...

Paint has hit the walls and its hit the walls running! Yes folks, no more to do! (except some odds and ends)...

In fact, so much of it is done and I got soooo much help last weekend, that I am typing this entry sitting at the Restaurant in Montreal, at the airport, enjoying beautiful Québec cheeses for breakfast.... Que la vie est belle....

Je me conte chanceux d'être ici et de pouvoir régaler un peu au sein de toute ces foleries!

On as eu la chance de visiter un peu de tout a Montreal hier et quel beau cadeau d'anniversaire, Annique nous a fait des réservations Au Pied de Cochon ici et j'ai pu déguster à mon plein!

Chacun un entrée et chacun un plats principales, on a pas quitté le bedon vide.... CA, c'est certain!

Annique, pas une grande mangeuse de chose porcs et viande.... fut très courageuse de venir avec moi. J'en suis fière!

Elle a commencer avec une soupe à l'oignon incroyable :) Un peu de jambon dans tout fait toute la différence! :)

Moi, une terrine à la tête de cochon et tendons de porc :) holy camoly! Frits brun avec une ptite salade, parfait! Dieu merci pour la salade les amis.... dieu merci

Curieusement... une longue attente entre le premier et deuxième service... Mais, cela nous a permis de regarder autour et de pouvoir apprécier l'habit du staff, presque comme nous allons l'avoir! le décor, simple et riustique! les vieux meubles de comptoir de service.... puis, par chance, assis à deux pas de la ligne de service... comme s'ils le savaient! :) On a pas voir sortir toute sortes d'assiettes couvertes de sauce brunes, oignons.. mmmmm... on a même pu voir un rôtis de quelques sortes entré et sortir du poêle à bois tout le temps qu'on étaits la....

je dois dire, meme si les assiettes n'étaient pas incroyablement créative dans leurs présentation, elles en regagnaient dans leurs saveurs et dimensions ....wow

Assiettes arrivées, Annique reçoit une aile de Raie.... qu'elle splendeur! :) ET elle en a mangé la plupart! Fiere de ma bibitte! :)

Moi cependant... bien... moi j'ai commandé la coupe du PDC (Pied de Cochon).... Le serveur lui, ma dit que c'était gros..mais comme.... il n'a pas exagéré assez...... En apportant les assiettes, il nous dit: 'Êtes-vous prêts?'

NON!!! J'aurais jamais pu être prêts pour ça!

C'était ce qu'il considerait, un porc chop........ coulda fooled me! I have yet to figure out the cut..... Puis en passant... La longue attente entre service... bien la vous savez pourquoi.. ca prends longtemps cuire .5kg de viande!!!!

de toute facon... j'ai pas fini mon assiette. Mais du bon choux mauve braiser avec oignons et champignons rôtis....mmmm

ok, j'ai fini mon fromage! Off to Downtown MonTREEE All! A bientot! je retourne à l'oeuvres demain! :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

37 days, 370 hours, lots money later...

As mentioned last time.. we had so much help over the last week it was great! In fact, I was even able to get away to the CRFA Tradeshow in Toronto. :) Wasn't blown away by anything, but was able to reconfirm that I'm still in the know about eco products and availabilities...

This past week:

GFS Foodservice provider is supposed to touchbase.

Fire Inspector has approved hoodvent as is.

Town has issued Building Permit.

Looks as though I need to wait 6 more weeks to find out if the City is going to allow me to erect an awning... hmm.. yes.. that does sound as ridiculous as you think.... I'm willing to put up a fight... I don't care what I have to do or what it costs me, I am getting this awning!

Ordered Lighting or awning. After looking for 4 weeks for Gooseneck Barn Lighting , I find out the electrical company I've been dealing with all this time has them... bah... done!

All walls are PAINTED!!!! I will have some pics tomorrow hopefully!

Ceiling is painted!

Walkins arrive March 18th.

I found at that someone up the street is opening up a similar concept in the coming months.... ya.. need to get those horses going and open first. Trying to touch base with them though. Competition is a good thing. Keeps everyone honest and products at 125% in quality

I had a baby today... ok well.. not a baby, BUT I did get the rest of our Sexy Mac Equipment. Yes people, you will learn, Sexy is one of my favourite words... I think all food is sexy in some way.... I dare you to try to give me something that I can't describe or find sexy in some way.... And it's nothing obscene.. it just is... :)

Here they are! The reason I say baby is the cover... I opened it up and it was like a diaper.... BUT, Val, with a GOOD surprise in it :)

I've decided on a style for our shelving and will begin building shortly.

I am taking the weekend to spend it with my lovely wife in Montreal! And don't tell her, but I will take advantage of my time there and probably check out some shops... hehe inspiration...

My uncle left behind 2 bottles of home made wine... and it's good! Merci Mononcle!

Lighting went up this weekend thanks to my cousin! Yay! No bulbs or fixtures in there yet, but after my electrical inspection!

Electrical inspection on Friday! Which means I can close up those walls and finally move forward!

ok I'm leaving it at that... quite the list... lots has gone down... but there is so much more to come! I'll try to take pictures of the space tomorrow in the day light.

Also, I've added the Followers Widget to the site.... I'm not sure, but I think if you sign up you may get updates.... Merci Marysol!

A bientot les amis!